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"Regulations Relating to the Surveillance and Control of Notifiable Medical Conditions: Amendment"

The proposed “Amendment to the National Health Act” is a grave threat to the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens for the following reasons:

The proposed Amendment is an appalling overreach of power. Essentially, what government is attempting is granting itself permanent emergency powers that are only permissible during a state of disaster - even when no state of disaster exists.

The primary argument against the “Amendment to the National Health Act” is that it grants government permanent and far-reaching – state of disaster - powers to suspend and severely limit the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens whenever and however it sees fit.

(1) The Amendment grants government the legal authority to force you into a state run quarantine, isolation facility against your will – with total control of release.

(2) The Amendment grants government the legal authority to instruct police to collect you at your home and transport you or a family member to an isolation facility. The requirements for self-isolation are onerous.

(3) The Amendment grants government the legal authority to enforce any medication it deems necessary - which you cannot refuse. No one is held liable for possible side-effects.

(4) The Amendment grants government legal authority to conduct daily surveillance and monitoring of private citizens including accessing private information through overriding privacy laws.

(5) The Amendment grants government legal authority to enforce mandatory vaccinations.

The Amendment goes way beyond the “Disaster Management Act” which is activated and enforced only during a genuine national health crisis and not as a permanent control mechanism.

The Amendment is patently unnecessary because government retains the right and authority to activate the “Disaster Management Act” whenever a national health crisis exists.

Most importantly, granting government such far-reaching powers - permanently - is national suicide for the rights and freedoms of citizens. Somebody said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Please make your voice heard on this critical issue today by opposing the Amendment in your own words.

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